Our team

Marion Regitko

After graduating in Germany, Marion Regitko moved to Holland where she worked for several high profile offices. Marion founded her own studio in Amsterdam in 2000. In 2001 she was a prize-winner in the prestigious Dutch competition the ´Prix de Rome´. To gain more opportunities to realise her projects, Marion moved her office to Spain in 2004. Since then she has worked mainly with private clients seeking to build their dream houses on the coast of sunny Andalusia.

Marion´s approach emphasises the harmony between modern architecture and landscape creating surprising routes and views in, and around, her projects.

As well as her luxury villas in Spain, Marion has realised a nursery school in Peru and a charity education center in Uganda.    Link to Marion´s detailed CV

Our team past and present

Carlos Astorga, Nophadon Chatpattanaphong, Raul Palacios Frambach, Gordon Haslett, Sorin Kupka, Kim McKay, Isabelle Marchand, Hajime Nakurawa, Joelke Offringa, Jin Qiu, Diego Recio, Esther Sluiter, Elena Sorbo, Adam Stern, Daniela Stefan, Yvon Visser, Yuri Werner, Merve Yapar.

External technical support team 

Antonio Bellido (Technical Architect and Construction Engineer) , Emilio Domingo Corpas (Technical Architect and Construction Engineer) and José A. Portillo Corpas (Industrial Engineer) from Domingo Corpas Architecture SLP in Malaga.